Association Leadership Academy

Launched in November 2014, the Academy aims to be the pre-eminent institution for leaders, members and secretariat staff of European and international associations.

In the last 12 months, the Academy has provided education, skills, networking and training to over 400 association leaders. With a winning combination of high level speakers and grounded association expertise, the Academy has garnered valuable support from the wider association community.

In 2016, the Academy will, reacting to feedback from this association community, widen the learning opportunity to transition into “debating” and “doing” with information debates and workshops.

In 2015, the Academy sessions covered the gamut of skills required to successfully manage associations: public affairs; legal compliance for employment; trade and competition law; fiscal compliance; strategic planning; and communications.

The Academy offers the highest quality of association specific interactive tuition. Our session leaders advise or practice in the wider association and NGO community on a daily basis. Our pertinent material is case study and/or survey based making for a unique, valuable and focused learning experience.

Founding content partners of the Academy are the European Centre for Public Affairs, KPMG, Claeys & Engels, Wilmer Hale, Field Fisher and Kellen. Ellwood Atfield will invite additional content partners to join the Academy as the curriculum develops.

To find out more, please contact Mark Dober and Dr. Rachel Barlow at Ellwood Atfield via

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